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Thank you for visiting our web site. This is the letter that was included in the application packages sent out to the Sales Reps. If you need a copy of this cooperative funding letter to send to your sales manager, then click the following link:

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Many of the Sales Representatives have become concerned about the costs they incur while attending the Midwest Buy Mart in Saskatoon.

Consider trying to see if your Manufacturer would be willing to help you with your booth costs.

Each of you are responsible for the complete payment of charges you have during the Buy Mart. However, attached is a copy of a letter (make extras if needed) that asks your Manufacturer to send $100.00, payable to the Sask. Men’s Apparel Club.  Upon receipt of the monies, we will transfer these “credits” directly to your account and issue you a check, at show time, for the total of your Manufacturer’s “credits”.


John Smith – Show charges                        $682.50 (G.S.T. included)

Manufacturers “Credits” 3 x $100.00          -$300.00 Rebate

                                                                     $382.50 Net Cost.

It is up to you to forward the letter(s) to your firms.  We will do the paper work and issue you the refund cheque.

All lines will be listed in the show book whether the companies pay the requested monies or not.

Advertising in the book will also be available.  See Show Book Advertising Program

This Co-operative Funding Program has worked for others in the past.  Give it a try!


Brian Davis, Manager

Midwest Buy Mart


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