Our History - Midwest Buy Mart

We currently hold 2 Buy Marts a year since 1981.

The objectives Midwest Buy Mart is to promote the interests of the apparel and footwear industries in Saskatchewan in the following ways:

1. To organize persons engaged as agents or representatives in the apparel and footwear industries into a recognized and accepted group.

2. To promote or assist in the improvement of the business ethics of persons engaged in the apparel and footwear industries in the province of Saskatchewan.

3. To make representations to government, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and retailers to protect the welfare and interests of its members.

4. To conduct or assist with buyers' markets of apparel and footwear at various times each year for the purpose of members exhibiting and selling their products to retailers and wholesalers.

5. To carry on advertising and the publication of materials of all kinds for the benefit of the members.

6. To conduct special events for members and retailers to foster the spirit of goodwill and fellowship.

7. To raise or secure monies for the purposes of the corporation.

8. To do all such things which shall be necessary and desirable to carry out the purposes and objectives set forth above.
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Business Phone:  (306) 931-8778

Cell Phone:  (306) 220-4567
Midwest Buy Mart - P.O. Box 23116 - Market Mall, Saskatoon, SK S7J 5H3
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The Midwest Buy Mart is sponsored by the Saskatchewan Men’s Apparel Club. Incorporated and registered as a non-profit corporation in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada, since 1981.
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