Thank you for visiting our web site. This is the letter that was included in the application packages sent out to the Sales Reps. If you need a copy of this advertising letter to send to your sales manager, then click the following link:

Sales Manager Ad letter August 2019.pdf


Midwest Buy Mart

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show book advertising program

Sales Representatives:

If you think that your Manufacturers may be interested, forward the attached letter to them.  Make extra copies if needed.  The monies from this advertising will help to offset our show book costs.  This will assist us in keeping our show costs down.

We pay a 10% commission on all ads that are paid in full.

Any support we receive will help to maintain this market at its present standard.

Manufacturer Co-operative Funding may also be available to you.  

See Co-operative Funding Program

Brian Davis, Manager

Midwest Buy Mart

        Phone: (306) 931-8778

        Cell:    (306) 220-4567

        E-mail:  saskmac@shaw.ca