Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations: For Members and Sales Reps

“Any participant must bring to the attention of the Buy Mart manager, any violation of the rules by any participant of the Saskatchewan Mens Apparel Club, Inc’s, (SMAC) Midwest Buy Mart. Upon investigation by the Buy Mart manager, the findings will be presented as a recommendation to the Board of Directors, who will handle such infractions as they deem fit.”

1. Any product line deemed not cleared by SMAC cannot be exhibited at the Midwest Buy Mart.

2. No manufacturer, sales manager, distributor or member of managerial staff of a manufacturer will be permitted to attend or participate in a Buy Mart. Sales representatives from another territory, assisting in the booth of a current member will be permitted to participate.

3. All Buy Mart fees, as well as any other outstanding obligations, must be paid in full prior to participation in each Buy Mart.

4. All exhibitors must attend for the entire duration of the Buy Mart. Late arrival or early departure will not be tolerated.

5. Exhibitors must use the booth signs furnished by SMAC. Other signs, posters, banners, samples, or any other type of advertising inside the booth space is allowed. The booth sign is the property of SMAC.

6. Exhibitors are responsible for the loss of, or damage to, show space property.

7. Exhibitors and staff are not permitted to solicit buyers outside their booth.

8. Exhibitors and staff must wear official identification badges at all times during the Buy Mart.

9. Exhibitors are fully responsible for items brought to the Buy Mart. SMAC bears no responsibility for any missing articles.

10. Exhibitor’s displays, tables, chairs, etc. must remain within the confines of the booth.

11. No packing is permitted prior to the times as established by the Buy Mart manager.

12. The Board of Directors shall have full power to interpret and/or amend these rules and to make any additional rules and regulations which, in its discretion, shall be in the best interest of the Midwest Buy Mart.

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